61 Prayers for 61 Days

Many people never realize the blessings available to them because they are thinking about their own or someone else's mistakes.   61 prayers/petitions can make a huge difference in our daily life.  Choose one and change your thoughts.
Daily Confessions and Prayers from Psalms and Proverbs                              
1.“Thank You, Lord, for listening and heeding me when I call to You.”Psalm 4:32.“Thank You, God, that I can take refuge in You, and I can trust You.Thank You for making a covering over me and for defending me.”Psalm 5:113.“God, I thank You for hearing my supplication and receiving my prayer.”Psalm 6:94.“I will praise You, God, with all my heart, and I will tell people about the wonderful things You have done for me.I will choose to rejoice in You and be in high spirits.”Psalm 9:1,25.“Lord God, I declare that You are my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer.You are my keen and firm Strength, my Shield, the Horn of my Salvation, and my High Tower!”Psalm 18:26.“Lord God, …

Eat Right - at the Best Time, in the Best Atmosphere, to Create the Best Digestion

When we are stressed, we eat too fast.
When we are lonely, we eat too much.
When we are busy, we eat standing up.
When we are driving, we should never eat.
When we are arguing, we need to put down our fork.
When do we?  Overeating can be an issue for all of us during the holidays.
Here is a great article with Ayurvedic Principles for eating from
25 Ayurvedic Principles for Eating Right Now that we clearly understand some eating mistakes that we could be committing as well as Ayurveda's recommendations for eating right, let's have a look at the Ayurvedic principles for eating right: Eat only when you're hungry.Avoid eating before Sunrise or after Sunset.Consume your heaviest meal when the Sun is at its peak - lunch.Never eat while you're facing South. East should be preferred.Wash your face, hands and legs before a meal. Make sure the utensils are also clean.If you eat after Sunset, avoid sour foods.Meditate briefly before you eat the food to raise the ener…

Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu

Lokah - universe or realm
Sama - same
stah - all beings
Sukha - joy, ease, or happiness that leads to freedom; sukhino derived from sukha
Bhav - union with God
antu - may it be so

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu means to me...

May my words, my thoughts, and my actions bring freedom, joy, ease, and happiness to others.  May I help people to have union with God as they know God to be.  May I be generous with my actions and kindness to share with others.  May I know true forgiveness for my mistakes, and may I always be forgiving.  

It is a Sanskrit prayer.  We breathe in to calm, and we breathe out to find peace.

For you see, we all make mistakes.  We all fail.  We all say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, and fail ourselves or others in some way.  We cannot know true forgiveness until we are ready to share peace with others.  Our goal is and must always be to help others find true happiness, freedom, and ease.  That's how love loves.

The last four months have been a true struggle.  Perhaps…

Yoga Philosophy About Stress Reduction

Public School teacher, private school teacher, yoga teacher, personal certified trainer, and spin instructor, I was asked about the benefits of yoga and stress reduction.  Here is my philosophy...
As a yoga instructor, how do you believe yoga is beneficial to emotional and mental functioning?I believe that yoga is beneficial to emotional health using the breath techniques associated with yoga teaching.  In yoga, the breath is primary; and even though, most of us would say we already know how to breathe, we really don't practice healthy diaphragmatic breath each day.  We all tend to hold our inhale when we feel stressed, tense, or in pain.  Yoga teaches us how to engage the Para-sympathetic nervous system through slowing down the breath out.  I often say, "We are born knowing how to inhale, but we must learn how to exhale."Calming the emotions is vital to our well-being.  Emotional stress is rampant in our world today, and we often use "numbing behaviors" to rela…

You Are Not Too Old, and It is Not Too Late!

You are not too old, and it is not too late. 60 reasons to practice yoga:

1. Your hands, your wrists, your hips, your back, your shoulders hurt - why not try to make them feel better naturally.
2. The more that you stretch or balance, the more confident you feel.
3. Age is just a number and so is what the scale says; why not just move and stay young at heart?
4. Pro-prio-ception is what helps me to know where my body is in space. It aides me in both my fine and gross motor skills.
5. Slowing down my breath calms my mind.
6. Yoga strengthens my upper body, and that alone can prevent my back from being injured.
7. I can choose what I will think about instead of allowing my mind to roam towards negative thinking.
8. It's okay to be the oldest person in yoga school. Especially when you have the wisdom to know how to take better care of yourself while doing arm balances.
9. Strong is the new skinny. Use weight lifting to build the strength you need. Sag is just not cute or fun.
10. Growing older…

Can Yoga Transform Your Life? Yes, I Believe It Has Mine!

Yoga Benefits May Include the following:
The Body
Builds Muscle StrengthPerfects Your PostureImproves FlexibilityPrevents Cartilage and Joints BreakdownBetters Your Bone HealthDrains Your LymphBoosts ImmunityIncreases Blood FlowDecreases Elevated Blood Pressure LevelsBuilds Your Heart Rate and then Slows It DownRegulates Your Adrenal Glands (Calms the SNS or Sympathetic Nervous System)Lowers Blood Sugar LevelsHelps You Become a More Conscious Eater - Move More; Eat LessIncreases Focus and ConcentrationImproves Ability to BalanceInduces Relaxation to Improve SleepEncourages Pratyahara (ability to move inward for relaxation response)Gives Your Lungs More Room to BreatheHelps Balance Auto-Immune Diseases Prevents Digestive Issues through Twisting and Calming Stress Related IBSEases Arthritic Pain and FibromyalgiaBenefits Asthma and Improves RespirationOpens the Sinuses and Soothes to Facilitate DrainageDecreases Frequency of HeadachesImproves the Quality of Life for Cancer and HIV Patients…