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Running and Yoga Go Hand in Hand or Foot to Head

How many times does your foot strike the ground while you are running or jogging? According to Baron Baptiste, power yoga teacher, your foot strikes the ground over 1,000 times during an average mile. Compounded by your body weight, the continuous motion causes a force of impact three to four times of what you would normally place on your body. This creates issues with your feet, ankles, knees, and hips, not to even mention your lower back.

In yoga our practice is always based on our alignment, our attitude, and our actions that follow. Our alignment starts from the ground up towards the crown of our head bringing every area into a beautifully created stack of shoulders over hips and hips over ankles. Even with the forward propelling motion of running, conscious alignment helps us to protect the vulnerable areas of possible injury in our knees and ankles. Our attitude of honoring our body and finding the rhythm of our inhalation and exhalation keeps us present in the moment and prevent…