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New Winter Schedule for December 30, 2011 - May 31, 2012

Greetings, my friends! Wow! Yoga just gets better and better! I enjoyed continuing education at a yoga studio for three hours yesterday in CT, and I am full of new ideas for making our practices more fun and "do-able." We have had requests for more pose specific classes and afternoon sessions, so check out the new line-up for the winter session.We fly home on Thursday morning at 6:00 a.m., and our yoga schedule for the Winter Session begins on Friday, December 30!

As we prepare for the BIG adventure in June, our class schedule has expanded to make yoga more convenient for you. The prices stay the same with our free yoga on New Year's Day at 2:30 p.m. This is our only required reservation class to ensure that we have room for all who want to participate. The cost is so reasonable! (: I am proud to say that we have not raised our prices in 3 years. Each drop-in is $10.00; but if you purchase a Tranquility Yoga Punch Card for 8 classes, it is $5.62 each class. We also have l…

The Little Drummer Boy; Find out what your drum is and play it for all its worth!

The “Little Drummer Boy” has been my favorite Christmas Carol for as long as I can remember. Of all of the holiday songs, I can honestly say that it is the only one that truly moves me. Always has…always will. The idea of a young boy, too poor to afford a fitting gift for the “new born King”, attempting to honor him with that which he does have is a great lesson for all of us. We spend too much time stressing out and concerning ourselves with what is absent in our lives and not enough time focusing on what really matters. The drummer boy may not be able to afford the expensive and fancy gifts that others have brought, but he has something better…he can offer the gift of his unique strengths and talents and that which makes him truly special. He has no material gift to offer but what he CAN do is play his drum like no one else is capable of playing it…and so he does. The fact that his play is met by approval and acceptance from Mary and the animals is certainly of no surprise, b…

It's the holiday season!

Dear Friends of Tranquility Yoga,

It's the holiday season. We are probably thinking about buying gifts for family and friends right now. But have you thought about giving yourself a gift? How many times do you give yourself a really important gift in your life? I don't mean a cashmere sweater gift. I don't mean a facial or massage gift. I'm talking about a gift that makes you feel blissful inside yourself, a gift that uplifts your spirit, that makes you more enlightened, more positive and more conscious than you have ever felt before. What kind of gift would that be, you ask? "I don't know any gift that I can find in my life that comes near that kind of gift," you say. "Where could I find such a wonderful and bountiful gift?"
Yoga has many benefits that impact our emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual states. These benefits are unparalleled gifts that we give ourselves through the practice of yoga. These gifts keep giving, keep enrichin…

Yoga = Disease Intervention

“It was my personal experience with yoga and the benefits I felt, like reduced stress and better sleep, that sparked my interest in studying yoga as a disease intervention,” says University of Virginia professor Kim Innes.
Dear Friends,
Do you have one of the following issues in your life or family history? Stress?Heart disease?High blood pressure?Insulin resistance?High Triglycerides*or cholesterol LDL levels (above 200)?If so, yoga may have an even greater advantage in helping you! Read on at the end of the schedule for more information...
1. Today, please consider joining us for Pose Specific Yoga at 2:30. This is a very informal class where we work on 5 - 7 yoga postures. This is a great way to learn yoga with a partner and refine your alignment. If you would like the cardio element to go with it, afterwards I am headed to the Owasso Y to work out on the elliptical and treadmill at 4:00 p.m. Come along with me!

2. Monday afternoons at 5:30 p.m. our class ramps up the balance, strengt…

90 Days of Wellness Challenge

Today we begin 90 Days of Wellness at Tranquility Yoga Studio in Owasso! I am so excited to see the difference it will make in people's lives. I know from personal experience how much losing 80 pounds can change your whole outlook! One of the great benefits of yoga is learning to breathe through stressful moments instead of eat through the anxiety that everyday life brings. I can honestly say ...that at 54 years young, I feel better, am more toned, have more energy, and have a much better self-esteem than I did in my twenties. "The more you practice yoga, the easier it gets, the easier it gets, the more you like it, the more you like it, the more you will want to practice..." original quote from me (:

If you would like to join us, e-mail me at
I will send you the form and information!