Thursday, May 31, 2018

Pain in the Butt?

Many of my clients often complain of pain about the size of a quarter in one hip or another just below the waist band in the back body.  Frequently, it is the female gender, but men can also find it after sitting for long periods of time on a hard surface or car riding.

Here are some poses that may help in a sequence of warming up the region, active postures for heating up, and then the deep stretch at the end.  Let me know if it helps!

Warm Up

1.      Cat Cow on your back for Bridge Pose

2.      Table Top Cat Cow to warm up the spin adding in one leg extended behind straight “Spinal Balance”

3.      Lateral (Side to Side) Arm Movements from a Seated Posture

4.      Standing Twists “Flossing Out the Spine”

5.      Lunge Pose with Knee on a Blanket as you circle the hip forward, external rotation, back, internal rotation.  Then, reach up as you come forward, and half split as your hands come back down on the block to lengthen the back of the leg.

6.      Pigeon Pose

7.      Stand at the wall with one foot on a chair seat or two blocks stacked as you twist towards the wall with both hands

Active Heated Poses (at least 15 minutes)

1.      Sun Salutation C with Lunge Pose turning on glutes with a back bent knee

Warrior Sequence of Lunge and opening to Warrior I and Warrior II, Triangle, Reverse Warrior...

 Balancing Postures of Warrior III and Half Moon

Deep Stretch (Hold for 1 to 3 minutes)

1.      Lizard Pose with two blocks on the inside of the front foot in a kneeling lunge

2.      Reverse Pigeon or Piriformis Stretch

3.      Supine Cowface Pose with knee over knee as you hold onto your feet

4.      Eagle on the back twist at the wall

5.      Seated Single Shoelace with one knee over the extended leg

6.      Extended Hand to Foot Pose with a Strap

Seated on a blanket or small bolster twist with one leg bent and crossed over the opposite leg

Rest in Quiet

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