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What has yoga taught me? A lot. Way more than I expected.
1. Flexibility is not only physical. It applies just as much to your mental and emotional side as well. The same applies for balance. 
2. Be present in the moment. I think Alyssa used the visual one time of idle thoughts being clouds moving overhead. They are there, acknowledge them but then let them go. Focus on your intention. I like that and use it a lot. 
3. When things get difficult (dolphin push-ups or say, losing your job), keep breathing. Those difficult things don't own you or define you. There is something better. Be fluid and have the flexibility to move with change (or hold the pose) through the difficulties. Let your breath guide you. 
4. Popcorn thankfulness. A thankful heart inside creates a healthy environment for other positive elements outside to grow stronger. This is so simple but so very true. 
5. God puts people in our lives at the right time to help provide what we need. Things that have happened "AY&…
Dear Friends, What a blessing to receive the e-mails for five things yoga has taught you!  I need at least ten more to choose the grand prize winner.   Could you take a moment today and jot down five of your favorite things yoga has taught you? 
Here are some samples. Relax (when I first sit on my mat I let go of everything from the day)Breathe  (still trying to master this, usually the ever so experienced instructor reminds me to breathe and it really does help with relaxing, focusing and being able to do achieve better results)Yoga isn't as easy as it looks(not even close!)Positive attitude (its such a breath of fresh air to have the friendly, inspirational and positive people around)Jeanne, Micah and Alyssa are amazing (haven't had Sheri but I'm sure she is too) I personally haven't done yoga before Tranquility and I feel so at ease, support in helping me to do the correct positions and that yoga is for Everyone. Cindy ********** 1.  ​  No comparisons!  2.  Slow down and br…

Knee Pain and Yoga; Walkers Rejoice!

A study e-published in April by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine suggests hatha yoga is superior to therapeutic exercises in reducing osteoarthritis-related walking pain. Investigators from Ebnezar Orthopedic Center in Bangalore, India, randomized 250 outpatients with radiographic knee OA to two weeks of daily 20-minute physiotherapy sessions (transcutaneous electrical stimulation and ultrasound) plus 40 minutes of either hatha yoga or therapeutic exercises. Patients, who were recruited from an Indian orthopedic center, were aged 35 to 80 years and reported moderate to severe pain with walking before the interventions. Both groups practiced yoga or the exercises, which involved stretching and strengthening movements for all upper and lower limb joints, in supervised daily sessions for two weeks, followed by 12 weeks of daily home practice. Investigators assessed patients’ walking pain, knee disability, range of motion, and other measures at baseline and 15 and 90 da…