Tuesday, December 29, 2015

31 Days in 31 Ways - When I practice every day...

Every day.  I practice every day.  The more I do the better I feel.  Here is my personal list of yoga benefits. 
1. Create more self-discipline
2. Feel better about your body
3. Enjoy a sangha (yoga community of friends)
4. Let go of self-criticism one thought at a time
5. Happier joints and better range of motion
6. Meditate, meditate, meditate (the more I do, the better I pray)
7. Wake up with happier emotional well-being
8. Learn how to quiet your mind
9. Lose inches and self-doubt
10. Go upside down
11. Breathe in; breathe out, let it go
12. Strong muscles in the upper body
13. Better posture - fewer rounded shoulders and tight hamstrings/hip flexors
14. Less neck and shoulder tension
15. Smile more, frown less; stress release
16. "Peace" on the in-breath, "calm" on the out-breath - compose a mantra
17. Learn to modify to make more difficult poses available for you
18. Correct the hips and feet in a standing posture for happier knees
19. Expand the chest tightness and create back muscles
20. Find better blood pressure numbers by learning to stop holding your breath
21. Drink more water; eat less food
22. Become more teach-able and less critic-al
23. Perhaps you will lose weight, perhaps you will lose inches; you will definitely lose the "couch potato" feeling
24. Hips and shoulders experience better extension and flexion
25. Add six movements to the spine each day
26. Fewer headaches, less bloating/stomach-aches, and reduced joint issues
27. Emotional harmony by learning to release pent-up feelings - it's okay to cry, giggle, or groan
28. Get in tune with your body by learning where it is in space - proprioception (body awareness)
29. Balance, yes, balance. One foot, the other foot. You burn just as many calories accomplishing a pose as trying to achieve it
30. Harder postures become more accessible as your courage spirals upward, bravery spills over into your every day life
31. Relax....be still....enjoy the silence
Find more time in your day - yoga does not take away time, it gives it.
These are 31 ways that I have found in my own life from practicing yoga every day. Everyone wins in this challenge!

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