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31 Days in 31 Ways - When I practice every day...

Every day.  I practice every day.  The more I do the better I feel.  Here is my personal list of yoga benefits. 
1. Create more self-discipline
2. Feel better about your body
3. Enjoy a sangha (yoga community of friends)
4. Let go of self-criticism one thought at a time
5. Happier joints and better range of motion
6. Meditate, meditate, meditate (the more I do, the better I pray)
7. Wake up with happier emotional well-being
8. Learn how to quiet your mind
9. Lose inches and self-doubt
10. Go upside down
11. Breathe in; breathe out, let it go
12. Strong muscles in the upper body
13. Better posture - fewer rounded shoulders and tight hamstrings/hip flexors
14. Less neck and shoulder tension
15. Smile more, frown less; stress release
16. "Peace" on the in-breath, "calm" on the out-breath - compose a mantra
17. Learn to modify to make more difficult poses available for you
18. Correct the hips and feet in a standing posture for happier knees
19. Expand the chest tightness and create back…