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Diets, Ranch Dressing, and Exercise

*The Story of How Tranquility Yoga Came to Be....Or Diets, Ranch Dressing, and Exercise" Jeanne began practicing yoga in her home in rural northeastern Oklahoma in September of 1995 with the show Yoga Zone.  She loved how despite all other forms of exercise, yoga made her feel calm and peaceful even while she was preoccupied with the busyness of raising teenagers on a farm and living in chaos.  Yoga was foreign to her experience, actually, she had never heard of it.  Her "go to" pose, and the only one she could do, was Cat/Cow or flexion/extension of the spine on all fours.  Child's pose was even difficult.  Downward Facing Dog was impossible because it hurt her wrists/hands and her hamstrings were too tight with a knee injury.
Yes, she walked.  She tried running in short intervals and enjoyed the stress release it provided, but Jeanne kept returning to the little Yoga Zone show.  Peaceful and calm despite the knee issue and hating down dog.  There was no mat.  There …

What Type of Yoga Are You Attracted to? Perhaps you should re-consider that what you need may not be your favorite, but you actually benefit more.

Often times the yoga we are attracted to may reflect our current stress level and Ayurvedic dosha*. What we need, however, is often the opposite of what we want.  Here are the benefits of each type of yoga. Restorative Yoga - Why practice it?
Regenerates the body and mindImproves flexibility without injury risk or painOptimal alignment for your body type using props (bolsters, blankets, straps, blocks, sand bags, etc)Helps relieve anxietyDevelops patience and the ability to be still to focusImproves insomnia issues by teaching you how to relaxRespiration (breath in; breath out) and circulation are enhancedGives you the opportunity to reduce pain in shoulders, neck, back, hips, legs, armsIncreases self-awareness Allows you to meditate comfortablyThese restorative practices are available like a "stay-cation" on Sundays at 3:00 p.m., Monday evenings at 6:45 p.m., and Wednesday evenings at 6:45 p.m. here at Tranquility.  Men and women both benefit from these practices, and some res…

Why Cycle? I used to hate it.

I used to hate spinning classes.
There I have said it.
The music was too loud.
The mirrors were too accusing.
The competitive spirit was too much.
The microphones were scratchy and irritating.
Now I love spin class because we do yoga afterwards and final relaxation. I love the music because it is different and just the right volume that allows conversation and friendship to blossom. I love the windows we look out of onto the big back yard with horses in neighboring yards to look at, the dogs playing tug of war, and the beautiful green grass. I love the fact that mirrors are only in the restroom and hallway.  I am not critiquing my appearance. I love the fact that there is no microphone.  I love the fact that I am pushing myself into cardio then stretching and relaxing afterwards. I love spinning class.  I enjoy the sweating and cardio.  I don't even mind the saddle any more.  Picture from the bike. Loves yoga and loves to spin.