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Yoga for Sleep and Relaxation

How do we wobble?  Why can't we relax?  Why does sleep elude us?  Perhaps we need to take our yoga off the mat and into our sleep.

Find contentment.  Gandhi said, "We get caught in the peripheries of life.  Do not lose your center.  Hold fast to the peace in the middle.  Let go of the peripheries of life."   Stop looking over the fence and competing, comparing, gossiping.  Why not fall in love with what we already have?  Someone looks at us cross-eyed, or doesn't acknowledge us, it can throw us off center and out of contentment.  We are disturbed when our plans do not turn out, or someone lets us down.  Noticing where we are by asking ourselves, "What is it?"  "Where am I?"  Why am I hurting or angry or discontented?"
Embrace contentment.  Embrace the wave of change. Embrace the peace and toleration of the extremes of life without wobbling.   The practice of gratitude keep us from wobbling.  Follow peace.  If you find no peace, sit with it, …