Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BANISH Belly Fat! Let go of stress (fear), eat "live" food, sleep better, tone the core muscles, drink more water, breathe in and especially out slowly, and laugh!

Banishing belly fat is something all of us are interested in; try these poses at home or in our gentle/beginners' noon class at Tranquility Yoga in Owasso!

Start off on your back with anterior and posterior tilts for the lower back extension and flexion.

Move into bridge by lifting the hips and pointing the knees toward the second toes.

Bridge Pose on the Floor (shown above)

Spinal Balance (shown above)

On the exhale, elbow to knee (Spinal Balance "aka Bird Dog" with a Crunch)

Always use a blanket or knee pad, to protect the knee as you come into Gate Pose.

Gate Pose for lateral stretch (shown above)

Modified Side Plank (shown above)

Moving back to your seated position, move into a modified or extended boat.

Beginner's Boat (shown above)

Ways to Modify Boat (shown above)

UPP - Urdhva Prasarita Padasana (hands under a sandbag)

Movement with UPP (bend knee for back problems and use one leg at a time)

Transition with Downward Facing Dog and step one foot forward.  Blocks are handy to help bring the foot to the top of the mat.

Low Lunge (shown above in our studio)
Then Twisted Lunge (modified just place opposite hand on knee to twist)

Coming to a standing position in Mountain Pose; prepare for chair squats with left arm underneath and right arm crossed over.  

Super Brain Yoga (shown above)

Standing after doing the lunge on both sides, it's time to balance!

Karate Kid Balancing Pose (shown above)

Moving back to the floor on your belly, remember to not allow clenching of the hips to create back pain.

Half Locust or Superman for Beginners (shown above)

Full Locust (much more difficult, but no tension in the back)

Grab some props and let's relax!

Child's Pose to release any back tension (begin to slow down the breath)

Time to rest, relax, and restore!  SHHHHhhhhh....It's a nap.  No talking.  (:

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