Sunday, May 6, 2012

"If you surveyed a hundred typical middle-aged Americans I bet you'd find that only two of them could tell you their blood types, but every last one of them would know the theme song from "The Beverly Hillbillies." - Dave Barry

Dear Friends,
About  a year ago, Tranquility Yoga sent out a survey to see how we could best serve you.  After taking a business class on-line last spring, I learned a great learning tool that became a catch phrase for my business,
 "Find out what your people want,
Go out,
and get it for them."

We have had several contests each month, April was Bring a Friend for Free on Saturday, March's Setting Your Intention to come to class on the calendar by the studio door with money prizes, December - February 90 day Health Challenge,...  May is a great month to survey before the summer season begins.  The drawing prize is an embroidered "Tranquility Yoga" capri for class participation ($45.00 value) or for men - yoga shorts.
All you need to do is as follows:
1.  Hit return.
2.  Answer questions.
3.  Hit send.
Thank you for your consideration of this valuable tool for our small business.  I appreciate your candor and helpfulness.  To be the best yoga teacher I am capable of being and to run the best yoga studio here in Owasso in my home, I value your feedback. 
______ I am happy with the class offering times.
______ I would like to see these offerings of times available and am willing to commit to 4 weeks of coming.  Explain:  __________________________________________________________________
______ I would like to see a different level of yoga or Pilates offered on the schedule.
______ I would like to see classes reserved just for meditation, nutrition, etc.
Comments:  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

______ I desire classes for more intermediate level movement or difficulty.
______ I prefer classes with or without Sun Salutations.
______ I enjoy the walking/running time prior to class to add cardio.
______ I will only come to beginner's type practice.
______ I like the theme classes you offer.
Comments:  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

______  The cost of each class is very budget minded.
______ The cost should be increased or decreased.  (Please highlight increase or decrease.)
______ The expiration date is appropriate or should be shortened to 6 weeks instead of 6 months.
_____  I am only interested in the Groupon Savings card (expiring in only 55 days - June 30)
Comments:  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What are you looking for?  All of you filled out this part on the liability waiver, but ideas and needs change over time.
______ Flexibility
______ Cardio (Boot Camp style)
______ Weight-Loss
______ Iyengar Style as we do Pose Specific
______ Astanga as we build body heat
______ Kundalini with breath + movement
______ Tone and Strengthen
______ Stress Relief, Calm
______ Mind Body Connection
______ Community building time afterwards
______ Pot Luck Dinners once a month

If you have stopped coming, please let me know your reasoning behind your absence.
______ Distance to travel
______ Studio environment
______ Instruction quality
______ Times available
______ Ambiance/Friendliness of studio
______ Newsletters (please remove my name from your list)
Comments:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Concerning times and class scheduling, what serves you well?
______ Morning at ______
______ Afternoon at ______
______ Early Evening at ______
______ Later Evening at ______

Weekend classes:
______ Morning at ______
______ Afternoon at ______

How many times per week are you interested in commiting to your practice here at Tranquility Yoga?
______ times per week
Comments:  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Your input is so valuable to us.  Thank you for taking the time to respond.  On Mother's Day, Sunday, May 13th, we will draw for the prize.  Remember all mom's practice for free that day at 4:00 p.m.  Workshops will be forthcoming in June, July, and August on Saturday afternoons from 1:00 - 3:00 with a cost of $30.00 each.

Every small business owner needs to fully understand their potential customer base in order to build a successful business.  Surveys and focus groups are two great means to obtain market research, and neither of them has to tax our clients, our budget, especially with the availability of online survey tools.  I am endeavoring to think creatively about our focus group, and to equip myself with top-notch data for improvements.  Thank you again for taking the time to complete the survey.
Jeanne K.--

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Invitation

 It doesn’t interest me
 what you do for a living.
 I want to know
 what you ache for
 and if you dare to dream
 of meeting your heart’s longing.
It doesn’t interest me
 how old you are.
 I want to know
if you will risk
looking like a fool
 for love
 for your dream
 for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn’t interest me
 what planets are
squaring your moon...
 I want to know if you have touched
 the centre of your own sorrow
 if you have been opened
 by life’s betrayals
 or have become shrivelled and closed
 from fear of further pain.

I want to know if you can sit with pain
 mine or your own
 without moving to hide it
 or fade it
 or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy
 mine or your own
 if you can dance with wildness
 and let the ecstasy fill you
to the tips of your fingers and toes
 without cautioning us
 to be careful
 to be realistic
 to remember the limitations
 of being human.

It doesn’t interest me
 if the story you are telling me
 is true.
 I want to know if you can
 disappoint another
 to be true to yourself.
 If you can bear
 the accusation of betrayal
 and not betray your own soul.
 If you can be faithless
 and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see beauty
 even when it is not pretty
 every day.
 And if you can source your own life
 from its presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure
 yours and mine
 and still stand at the edge of the lake
 and shout to the silver of the full moon,

It doesn’t interest me
 to know where you live
 or how much money you have.
 I want to know if you can get up
 after the night of grief and despair
 weary and bruised to the bone
 and do what needs to be done
 to feed the children.

It doesn’t interest me
 who you know
 or how you came to be here.
 I want to know if you will stand
 in the centre of the fire
 with me
 and not shrink back.

It doesn’t interest me
 where or what or with whom
 you have studied.
 I want to know
what sustains you
 from the inside
 when all else falls away.

 I want to know
 if you can be alone
with yourself
 and if you truly like
 the company you keep
 in the empty moments.

- by Oriah - Mountain Dreamer

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