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Recommending Boomer Yoga by Beryl Bender Birch

Here is a recommendation for a great book that you might consider reading! I just finished it and found it to be very thought provoking!
As an AARP member and Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, I would like to recommend the book Boomer Yoga by Beryl Bender Birch. This book is an excellent adaptation for people over 50 of the athletic yoga practice called Astanga Yoga. Mrs. Birch modifies the poses to enable men and women of all ages and body types to enjoy yoga therapy. Teaching yoga has truly revolutionized my own life, and I believe that it will change the members associated with your organization.
Boomer Yoga also delves into the whole teaching of yoga of which asanas or yoga postures are only a part. Pranayama or breathing techniques are discussed, yamas (moral practices) and niyamas (observances) are brought into focus, and most importantly, the teaching on learning to withdraw your senses, concentrate, and live in the present moment. These areas of yoga are not often …

Ujjayi Breath - What's up with it?

Many people who take yoga classes hear the instructor refer to "Ujjayi breathing," and they must wonder what the big deal is with this breath. The Sanskrit word "ujjayi" means "expand into victory," and it is often referred to in English as "victorious breathing." Beryl Bender Birch says in her new book, Boomer Yoga, "This is hands-down an incredible and powerfully therapeutic technique that everyone in the world should learn."

Inhaling and exhaling through your nose is standard for yoga practice. However, as you incorporate "Ujjayi" breath, one restricts the back of the throat just above the vocal cords on the inhale and exhale. This makes an audible sound for both the practitioner and the people practicing yoga close to him or her. I often refer to it as making a "so" sound on the inhalation and a "hum" sound on the exhalation.

Breathing this way sounds somewhat like what I consider to be a Darth-Vader kin…

Sun Salutation A and B for Home Practice (modifications provided)

The Sun Salutes are designed to wake up and energize the body and are also a perfect microcosm of the yoga practice as a whole. What is meant by this is that they include almost all the elements of a complete practice: the linking of breath and movement, forward bending and back bending, a bit of strength work, and a mild inversion. Sun Salutations A and B get our breath flowing and warm our joints and spine. Using a steady, smooth breath, we link and enliven our poses into a flow with the benefits of energy, alertness, and increased range of motion to start off our day in the right way! Each breath gets one movement either on the inhalation or the exhalation with the exception of the last Downward Facing Dog which receives five breaths. However, remember you can slow your movements down and take several breaths bringing your attention into the present moment as you stretch and awaken your body. You can also incorporate "Ujjayi Breath" as you restrict the back of the throat …

New blogspot from Tranquility Yoga

Greetings from Connecticut!
I am enjoying my visit with two precious redheads, Abigail just turned 4 yesterday, and Ben turned one last Wednesday! Jennifer showed me how to set up a blogspot for our Tranquility Yoga Studio. Even though we are not having classes this week at our home studio, I have subs teaching my classes at Thornton YMCA in Tulsa and All American Fitness in Owasso. Once I figure out how to upload my sun salutations and my restorative home practices; I will do so that you can download them and practice at home. Remember yoga is 99% practice and one % knowledge (or ability). The more you practice -- the easier it gets -- the easier it gets -- the more you like it -- the more you like it -- the more you will want to practice.... Have a wonderful day, and I hope to have more information for you tomorrow! Namaste'