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It's More About the Breath than You Might Think

Recently, I became ill after being at a family gathering at an Oklahoma lake on the Fourth of July weekend.  It was a painful experience caused by contracting a parasite in the lake water that affected my stomach and small intestine along with shutting down my colon.  The pain felt severe, and I found myself constantly gripping my hands and gathering my knees into my chest.  I realized that my breath was erratic and tight in my upper chest; no longer was I belly breathing, nor using my diaphragm to deep breathe on the inhale and relax on the exhale.

The more pain I experienced, the more shallow my breath became and anxious my mind became.  As a yoga instructor, I teach breath practice on a daily basis.  However, the pain caused me to forget the pattern of breathing deeply and slowly to create a relaxation response in my body.

I even wondered, "Why me?"  How could this happen to me?  I was healthy, ate a very healthy diet, exercised on a regular basis, meditated daily, slept…