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Find Inner Peace through Yoga and Aroma Therapy

Yoga for Subtle Body Energy with Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils
Notes from Subtle Body Energy and Aroma Therapy Workshop Jeanne K Doss, October 22, 2015
Root Chakra - Muladhara (color red)Home and Foundation of physical bodyYoga to stabilize and strengthen our energy focusing on feet, legs, and pelvisAffirmation:  I feel at home in my body.Essential oils:  Cloves and CypressYoga Poses:  Tree, Standing Forward Fold, Downward Facing DogSacral Chakra - Svadhistana (color orange)Energetic center of creativity, sensuality, and joy of lifeYoga to stabilize and activate below the navel in the front and sacrum in the back bodyAffirmation:  I enjoy life with all my senses.Essential oils:  Orange, Vanilla, and MyrrhYoga Poses:  Bridge Pose, Bound Angle, Pelvic tilts with Bridge and Cat CowManipura Chakra - "City of Jewels" Solar Plexus (color yellow)Abdominal strength to protect the lower backYoga for confidence, fire of transformation, digestionAffirmation:  I use my inner strength t…