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You Are Not Too Old, and It is Not Too Late!

You are not too old, and it is not too late. 60 reasons to practice yoga:

1. Your hands, your wrists, your hips, your back, your shoulders hurt - why not try to make them feel better naturally.
2. The more that you stretch or balance, the more confident you feel.
3. Age is just a number and so is what the scale says; why not just move and stay young at heart?
4. Pro-prio-ception is what helps me to know where my body is in space. It aides me in both my fine and gross motor skills.
5. Slowing down my breath calms my mind.
6. Yoga strengthens my upper body, and that alone can prevent my back from being injured.
7. I can choose what I will think about instead of allowing my mind to roam towards negative thinking.
8. It's okay to be the oldest person in yoga school. Especially when you have the wisdom to know how to take better care of yourself while doing arm balances.
9. Strong is the new skinny. Use weight lifting to build the strength you need. Sag is just not cute or fun.
10. Growing older…