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New schedule in August

Dear Friends,
What does "perfect peaceableness" look like to you? Is it the absence of trouble, stress, strife, and worry? Is it a vacation site, your couch with popcorn and a good movie, a lonely desert island, or calm in the midst of life's happenings? Is peace really possible? How do I acquaint myself with this kind of peace in the beginning of August with Oklahoma heat, new intimidating circumstances, and a hectic schedule all the while trying to improve my teaching skills by mirroring my students?

When I had the dream of having my own yoga studio and business, I asked myself one morning while in Connecticut practicing on my daughter's back porch.."What is the one thing that I want people to leave my classes having?" My answer was tranquility, peace, and contentment in spite of the swirling winds of life away from our yoga mats. Thus, came the name Tranquility Yoga.

"Contentment is a requirement for peace of mind, yet we live in a culture that f…