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Hot body cool mind or hot body stressed out mind

Dear Yoga/Pilates People,
Summer greetings! I am excited about adding new classes, new opportunities, and meeting new friends. Power Yogilates, Boot Camp for ages 8 - 15, and Tulsa University classes are on my horizon. I love the challenge of making each class that I teach new, refreshing, and helpful to the age group, fitness ability, and wide variety of personalities. I consider each new face a friend in the making, and it is my goal to make you feel welcome, at ease, yet challenged in every class that you attend. Although yoga will always be my first love, my focus is fitness and flexibility for every body at every age.
One of the things I have noticed in the gyms that I teach or sub include stressed out people working out at a frenzied level leaving all sweaty and just as stressed if not more from their daily or weekly time in an effort to develop a healthy body. I believe that yoga can teach us a new perspective to our workout time. This is my take on it.

“However, what I…