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18 Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations

If you had all that you needed, money was no object, and time was abundant, what would you do in 2018?  There is something about writing it down that creates the window of opportunity.

Here are my Hopes, Dreams, and Aspirations...

I would write a book.  I would tell my story and how yoga has made such a tremendous difference in self-acceptance, body image, and movement.I would travel more with my husband.  Owning your own small business is a 24 hour commitment 7 days a week.  In order to be gone for a day, I prepare at least one to two weeks ahead of time, hire subs, prepare the studio, find someone to clean the studio and do the daily bookkeeping, laundry, etc.  Occasionally, having to cancel a class due to a family emergency makes me feel awful, and I always want to be as punctual and prepared for the people I serve.  I love my Tranquility business, but traveling would be a new adventure.I would go back to Kripalu.  It is no secret that I have treasured my yoga training there; and the…

Mercy Comes from Mindfulness

God uses mercy, humility, and kindness to teach us to live from our hearts instead of just our ego-centric thoughts.  Whatever you are currently going through, this opportunity is for growth.  Change the way you look at "failure," and you will change the way you see your life.  You live in a body, earth suit, you have a fluctuating soul, mind, emotions, and you will always be a spirit.
Relationship issues involve two parts.  Your part and someone else's part.  You can only "grow" in mercy, humility, and kindness on your end.  The other person must also grow for healing to take place.
Let go of the past, the mistakes, the drama, the sadness, and embrace the people that you are traveling with...sometimes someone steps off the train of life unexpectedly, and you do not have the opportunity to make things right between you.
Peace is the most important thing, not who was right and who was wrong.

Survey Says...

Each year, Brian and I send out a survey to ask you how we are doing, what we could add, and interesting ideas of improvement.

Here is what we discovered: Later afternoon class at 5:00 pm instead of 4:30 pmYou liked our specialsSpin class on Tuesday mornings at 8:00 am You liked our classesThe Hot Yoga on Friday nights was a hit!You enjoyed Jeanne's teachingThe Early Morning Sun Rise Yoga was inspirational at 6:00 amYou wanted more yoga for beginner or gentle and moderate level practicesThe low cost kept many of you comingYou thought our Spin classes in the morning should only be 30 minutes with 30 minutes of yoga followingThe welcome at the door, help with parking in the evening, and cleanliness of the studio were wonderfulYou liked the difficulty of the power classesThe scholarships for students who could not afford to pay was a blessingYou wanted more Yoga Therapy classes like the 9:30 am class on T/THTracy is a terrific Spin InstructorYou appreciated the quality of our Restorati…

61 Prayers for 61 Days

Many people never realize the blessings available to them because they are thinking about their own or someone else's mistakes.   61 prayers/petitions can make a huge difference in our daily life.  Choose one and change your thoughts.
Daily Confessions and Prayers from Psalms and Proverbs                              
1.“Thank You, Lord, for listening and heeding me when I call to You.”Psalm 4:32.“Thank You, God, that I can take refuge in You, and I can trust You.Thank You for making a covering over me and for defending me.”Psalm 5:113.“God, I thank You for hearing my supplication and receiving my prayer.”Psalm 6:94.“I will praise You, God, with all my heart, and I will tell people about the wonderful things You have done for me.I will choose to rejoice in You and be in high spirits.”Psalm 9:1,25.“Lord God, I declare that You are my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer.You are my keen and firm Strength, my Shield, the Horn of my Salvation, and my High Tower!”Psalm 18:26.“Lord God, …

Eat Right - at the Best Time, in the Best Atmosphere, to Create the Best Digestion

When we are stressed, we eat too fast.
When we are lonely, we eat too much.
When we are busy, we eat standing up.
When we are driving, we should never eat.
When we are arguing, we need to put down our fork.
When do we?  Overeating can be an issue for all of us during the holidays.
Here is a great article with Ayurvedic Principles for eating from
25 Ayurvedic Principles for Eating Right Now that we clearly understand some eating mistakes that we could be committing as well as Ayurveda's recommendations for eating right, let's have a look at the Ayurvedic principles for eating right: Eat only when you're hungry.Avoid eating before Sunrise or after Sunset.Consume your heaviest meal when the Sun is at its peak - lunch.Never eat while you're facing South. East should be preferred.Wash your face, hands and legs before a meal. Make sure the utensils are also clean.If you eat after Sunset, avoid sour foods.Meditate briefly before you eat the food to raise the ener…