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Let Go of Negativity - Five Helpful Ways to Dismiss That Negative Energy Someone Just Dumped on You!

Ever had a conversation or incident with someone that left you upset for a day or two? Maybe there's someone in your life, perhaps a boss or family member, that this happens with regularly? Energy is exchanged in conversation and in events, and if this happens, you've likely gotten a dose of bad energy. If this happens regularly with certain individuals, it's likely that they're accustomed to spreading it, and also that you're not sure how to let it go. Especially for the more sensitive among us, negative energy can sometimes be hard to let go.  Kim Evans

How to let go of negative energy: Take your hand and with your imagination, brush imaginary cobwebs away from your shoulders, arms, and head.  In your mind's eye, pretend that you are letting go of the words and attitude of the person who just unloaded their negativity on you.Take a shower or bath and wash all that stress away.  You can even mix up sea salt and water to pour over your body as a cleansing agent a…

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