Saturday, August 3, 2019

Sloshing? Great Idea after a Bad Night's Sleep

Okay, I get it.
You didn't sleep well last night?
Especially for those of us who have a busy mind...
You feel like you have incorporated all the techniques you know of to finally relax and turn off your over-active mind.
Then, you worry that you will sleep past the alarm.
No Bueno.
So, you show up on the yoga mat and nothing feels rested.  Why not slosh?
New learning curve for me.
Perhaps I have practiced it before and just don't remember.
It looks like you are lying on the flat in a supine position for final relaxation or Corpse Pose with no bolster or blanket.
Now, here comes the magic!

Begin moving your feet, yes, just your feet.
The rest of your body just follows the movement of the feet.
Plantar flexion, dorsiflexion of the ankles ….forward and back, forward and back, forward and back.
The faster you go, the better you feel.

To me, it feels like chugging.
But, it truly worked this morning, and I plan to add it in to my yoga classes.
Yoga, it does a body good!

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