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My Vision, My Goal, My Steps, My Intention, My Next Right Thing

1. Ask yourself...what is my vision? Think 5 years.
2. Ask yourself...what is my goal? Think 1 year.
3. Ask yourself...what are the steps I need to take to achieve both my goal and vision? Think this month.
4. Ask can I move one step closer today? Think this week.
5. Ask yourself...if my goal, vision is so important, how can I improve my day by setting an intention? Think 24 hours.
6. Ask yourself...if my intention is set, who am I going to allow or what types of situations will I allow to veer me off course? Think the next hour.
7. Ask yourself...what is the next right thing to do to achieve where I envision myself to be in 5 years? Think the next action in one minute.
I recently sent a newsletter with setting these visions, making goals, taking steps, declaring a daily intention, and doing the next right thing. Today is my birthday and during my devotion/Bible time, I formed my own.
Here is my 5 year vision:
"Blessed are those who hunger and thirs…