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Mudras and Mantras

We know a lot about Asanas or Yoga Postures...
Warrior I
Tree Pose
Sun Salutations

We know some about Pranayama or Breath Control Practice...
Sama Vritti (same breath in; same breath out)
Ujjayi Breath (ocean sounding)
3 Part Breath - Dirgha (belly rises, ribs expand, chest lifts)
Kapalabhati - Skull Shining Breath

We know little about Mudras and Mantras, but these symbols and words have power.
This active part of our yoga practice can change our interoception (the ability to connect the outside to the inside).
While yoga poses improve our proprioception (where our body is in space), the mantras or positive affirmations begin to change our thought patterns.
While yoga breathing improves our sympathetic nervous system by calming us down, the mudras or hand seals begin to affect our neuroplasticity of the brain functioning.

My mentor, Mandy Eubanks, Founder and Lead Teacher of Everyone Yoga School in Tulsa, taught about the mudras and mantras.  I made a sequence out of her won…