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Today is the Day!

My personal goal is to be fit and feel good about myself. It sounds like a selfish goal; however, I spent so many years just doing for others, trying to please, and regarding my body as my enemy that now I have made it my priority. I think being in your fifty-somethings changes your whole perspective. Brian, my dear, handsome, funny husband, says, "We have worked hard to get this old. Now it is all about us." (:

I love to run, walk, work out at the gym, and especially practice yoga. Afterwards, I feel like I have really accomplished something and am proud. Exercise has to become something that you do every single day in some form or other. If it isn't a habit, being fit turns into spring or fall cleaning. Something that you need to do, something you ought to do, but definitely, it is something that you will do later or when you have time.

Today is the Tulsa Run. I have prepared for it. Training can always be more often, more expensive, and more intensive. Howev…

Challenge by Choice!

Our wonderful P.E. teacher, Michelle, taught us a skit the other day with her version of challenge by choice. The theme of the skit honored a Great Expectation implementation of the 17 practices in which "Practice 3. Students are taught as a whole group, thoroughly and to mastery, with intensive and specific modifications insuring success for all." I thought that this practice should be the theme of my boot camp class that I teach at my home studio on Saturday mornings.

Michelle called it "Challenge by Choice." I liked the idea so much that I have named the Boot Camp class the same name. Thanks, Michelle, for your inspiration! You are an awesome teacher.

What happens in a boot camp class? First, we walk, speed walk, or run for 15 minutes. It is the choice of the participant. Who comes to boot camp? We have the young, the middle 30's, the older, the thin, the average, the slightly overweight, and those who struggle with their size. Where does this take place? A…