New blogspot from Tranquility Yoga

Greetings from Connecticut!
I am enjoying my visit with two precious redheads, Abigail just turned 4 yesterday, and Ben turned one last Wednesday! Jennifer showed me how to set up a blogspot for our Tranquility Yoga Studio. Even though we are not having classes this week at our home studio, I have subs teaching my classes at Thornton YMCA in Tulsa and All American Fitness in Owasso. Once I figure out how to upload my sun salutations and my restorative home practices; I will do so that you can download them and practice at home. Remember yoga is 99% practice and one % knowledge (or ability). The more you practice -- the easier it gets -- the easier it gets -- the more you like it -- the more you like it -- the more you will want to practice.... Have a wonderful day, and I hope to have more information for you tomorrow! Namaste'


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