How does yoga affect you? Enter your reason for a lottery drawing!

Pattabhi Jois says, “Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it.”

Below are remarks by the famous athletes, musicians, and media stars who really want it.

The Philadelphia Eagles attended weekly yoga sessions starting in 1995. The Pittsburg Steelers are not far behind. The head strength & conditioning coach, Garret Giemont, has added hot yoga to the Steelers workouts.

Le Bron James, perhaps the most well-known player in the NBA, attributes his good health to his regular yoga practice.

Daylan Childress, Cincinnati Reds Pitcher. This baseball player uses yoga to relieve stresses in his body and cure back pain.

Many yoga poses can improve your stability and agility and your awareness of where your body is in space, says Sage Rountree, cycling/triathlon coach and author of The Athlete s Guide to Yoga. Those skills are enormously helpful in sports—just think of a golfer, whose swing depends on being able to sense where various body parts are and how they move in relation to one another.

I do some yoga every day – Gisele Bundehen, model

Evander Holyfield also is a devoted practitioner feels yoga helps him focus and says it improves your balance and body awareness.

I like yoga! - Spiderman, Toby Maguire

You have to learn to control your breath, that’s the essence of yoga. – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

It’s reversing the age process. - Sting

Tim Thomas, The Boston Bruins and US Olympic goaltender says he "had no idea what [he] was getting [himself] into" and he was sweating within 5 minutes."My whole career has been about proving to people that I can play in the NHL and that I can be very successful in the NHL so yoga's part of that journey."

"I feel much better." –Gyneth Paltrow, who has a home studio where she practices 6 days a week

It puts you in the right place. – Meg Ryan

If you can remember to be connected to your breath and to move gracefully through life, then that allows a process that should bring you to enlightenment. – Russel Simmons, third richest figure in hip-hop

Yoga really purifies your organs and your blood. The real lesson yoga brings you is learning to be present. - Christy Turlington

It helps my game tremendously - Maria Sharapova, tennis player, "When I travel to tournaments I put the disk in my computer three or four times a week and do yoga for about an hour. It helps my flexibility and gets me more relaxed, especially after a good workout.

I enjoy it."Madonna is quoted as saying yoga is a metaphor for life. She credits aging well to yoga. With yoga sessions ranging from 90 to 180 minutes, Madonna knows the importance of intensity for improved health.

Helps become more physically aware – Nick Bollettierian, American tennis coach who is credited with developing many world-class champions, including Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Monica Seles, and Mary Pierce.

Sarah Jessica Parker uses yoga “to balance life.”

Jennifer Aniston turned to yoga to help her though her relationships and busy schedule. She has a DVD called Yogalosophy ”she practices over an hour a day with a trainer It completely changed my life. The 42-year-old actress vowed to maintain her sexy figure by doing yoga moves, saying that she will "keep downward dogging until the fat lady sings."

Kareem Abdul Jabban, “You have to control your breath, that’s the essence of yoga too.”*****

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