Contracts and Refund Policies

What is a gentleman's agreement?  I looked it up recently in the encyclopedia and it said, "An informal agreement based on etiquette and the integrity of both parties."  In our world today, I believe that it is a sad day when people either ignore the rules of etiquette, respect, and a life of integrity to challenge every agreement that is made.  Perhaps I am just old school where a handshake and a signed receipt gave authority to the informal contract made.  However, business is business, and after discussing matters with an attorney several times, our small yoga business is becoming an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).  We now have a contract with our liability waiver, and our refund policy, which was always in place on the books, has to be written on every piece of paper that is signed.

I do think it is sad that such measures have to take place in order to protect the small business owner whose only desire is to provide a service for its people; a service I might add that I am so passionate about sharing.  Nonetheless, it has not dampened my love for yoga and fitness, nor my desire to teach it to others.

When I first began Tranquility Yoga in Owasso, I believe that God gave me the verse, "Do not despise the day of small beginnings."  This truly is my dream, and I know in my heart that someday we will build the $80,000 studio and these are just growing pains.  Our yoga classes are quality, our training is exceptional, and our continuing education is just that "continual (as I just attended another training two days ago)."  The dream lives on in my heart and others who are so faithful in their attendance and appreciation for Tranquility Yoga in Owasso.   We have many people who continue to be thankful and show gratitude by coming to class each week, enjoying the newsletters and updates, scheduling on, and sharing words of kindness.

While our prices are some of the least expensive in Tulsa County, the teaching and instruction are top notch.  Our mission has always been to make yoga accessible to every body, and there are plenty of single moms who just cannot afford an expensive class price.  Therefore, our price is as low as possible.

I am so passionate about it that my husband says, "Jeanne K., you will even teach for free just to share the message."  My desire is to never become indifferent.  I just want to live the teachings of the Eight Limbed Path of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras on and off the mat full of compassion and truth.  Namaste'

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