Fear vs. Vulnerability

Fear is something that keeps us locked into the way it has always been. Vulnerability is the key that unlocks the door to new horizons. Come conquer your fears with us as we overcome our own. Handstand was always my nemesis, but I continue to challenge myself one day at a time. It isn't because I lack the ability, it is because my mind keeps me back from what ultimately frees me. 

Come conquer your fears with us today at 2:30 for Sun Salute Fun (no inversions) and 4:00 Beginner's Yoga (definitely no inversions). One sweet lady came Friday evening and said, "I would have come to Tranquility a long time ago if I had known how great it would be. It was only fear that held me back." She came yesterday as well, and when she finished class -- oh, the lovely smile on her face reflected peace, calm, and a tranquil mind.


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