Self-Affirmations to Change the Inner Critic and the Way You Treat Other People

Mister Rogers said, "Love isn't a state of perfect caring.  It is an active noun of struggle.  To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is right here and right now."

Self-affirmations are a way of loving ourselves.  This in turn changes to loving others.  If we speak negative words to ourselves, are harsh, hard, sharp, and pressing in our own minds, then before we know it our inside talk becomes our outside communication to others.

Your words to yourself are in bold, black letters.  Speak first to yourself.
Your words to others, family, friends, coworkers, bosses, etc. are in yellow.

Say things like, "I forgive myself," and it turns into, "I forgive you."

Say things like, "Everywhere I turn I see healing," and it turns into, "I see positive things ahead for you."

Say things like, "I gently open and care for my inner self," and it turns into. "I really care about you and want to be open to what you think."

Say things like, "I feel steady and calm," and it turns into, "No worries.  We can get this accomplished together."

Say things like, "I rest in my capacity to trust and endure," and it turns into, "I can trust and hang in there with you that the good work God started in you will be accomplished."

Say things like, "I accept the ups and downs of life," and it turns into, "Some days we feel powerful and able, and other days, we struggle.  Don't give up!"

Say things like, "I face life's challenges with an open heart." and it turns into, "No matter what happens today, we can overcome."

Say things like, "I safely release anger to open my heart." and it turns into, "I let go of your offense against me so that I can love you like God does."

Say things like, "I fill my open heart with the breath of joy," and it turns into, "I can breathe in and especially out because I know joy comes from letting go of my ego attachments."

Say things like, "I am filled with VIGOR, VITALITY, and JOY!" and it turns into, "I have energy to help you with your project."

Say things like, "I bend easily in the face of challenges." and it turns into, "I am flexible, calm, and easily bent when life gets tough. I won't let you down."

Say things like, "I release all tension and anxieties." and it turns into, "Breathing out, I can go one more mile, one more task, one more day with your issues."

Say things like, "I am firmly planted," and it turns into, "No matter how many changes come my way, I am at peace within myself."

Say things like, "I lead with my heart," and it turns into "My head is often judgmental, critical, and haughty, but my heart easily forgives, soothes, feels empathy, and calms others."

Say things like, "I am stable and grounded," and it turns into, "No matter what roller coaster you are riding on, I feel like I am firmly planted."

Say things like, "I grow from strong roots," and it turns into, "You can lean on me because I will not sway with other people's opinions."

Say things like, "I am a warrior with inner strength," and it turns into, "I am strong, capable, and confident.  I can help."

Say things like, "I feel safe and secure in my connection to the earth," and it turns into, "I am allowing myself to stay frozen by being afraid, worried, dreading, or full of anxiety.  Because I am not giving into fear, I will do it afraid if I need to do so."

Say things like, "I calmly rise to greet each moment," and it turns into, "No matter what you say to me today, I keep my inner tranquility."

Say things like, "I reach out to others," and it turns into, "Hi, my name is ___________, and a kind word, touch, or sincere compliment follows."

Say things like, "I take care of the present moment and release the past," and it turns into, "You do not need to replay the tapes of the past, and I can help you find peace in the present moment.  I am here."

Say things like, "I am learning to recognize, accept, and release my thoughts." and it turns into, "What kinds of thought are you thinking?  Be a silent observer of your thoughts and release the negative ones.  It has helped me to think more positively, speak more positively, and develop better habits."
So, here you are, Friends.  If speaking to yourself the bold words repeatedly, you will begin to see changes in your life.
Affirmations are from my Yoga Warriors training!  Hope to see you soon on the mat.


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