What has yoga taught me? A lot. Way more than I expected.

1. Flexibility is not only physical. It applies just as much to your mental and emotional side as well. The same applies for balance. 

2. Be present in the moment. I think Alyssa used the visual one time of idle thoughts being clouds moving overhead. They are there, acknowledge them but then let them go. Focus on your intention. I like that and use it a lot. 

3. When things get difficult (dolphin push-ups or say, losing your job), keep breathing. Those difficult things don't own you or define you. There is something better. Be fluid and have the flexibility to move with change (or hold the pose) through the difficulties. Let your breath guide you. 

4. Popcorn thankfulness. A thankful heart inside creates a healthy environment for other positive elements outside to grow stronger. This is so simple but so very true. 

5. God puts people in our lives at the right time to help provide what we need. Things that have happened "AY" (after yoga) would not have progressed the way they have if not for the things we have learned and experienced and applied through practicing at Tranquility. This is not to say all is easy all the time. It's not. It's hard work, but the lessons of yoga are multi-dimensional and applying them off the mat is what is different. Again, I was not expecting this when we started!
You have a teacher's heart, Jeanne and you impact lives. Thank you!!

Yoga is blessing me by:
1.  Stress & Grief relief  - for that hour or two my mind is calm(er); happier.  Learning to let go... 
2.  Think positive thoughts  
3.  I'm ok just as I am
4.  Breathe
5.  Relax

1) Yoga has helped all my aches and pains when I run. (especially my knees)
2) I have better posture.
3) Breathe!! I feel more confident that I can at least try the poses when I relax, concentrate and breathe!
4) I love the soreness! Especially when I hold long stretches. I feel taller and more limber.
5) Honor your body- it's ok to modify. No pain, no pain.
6) It's just as good of a workout as my other things I do!
Five things yoga has taught me:
1. To be kind to my body, no matter what my shape, size or weight.2. I can extend grace to myself, just as God extends grace to me.3. Insights into problems often come during final relaxation.4. No pain, no pain! There is no prompting to try and " gut it out" like there is in a lot of gyms.5. Yoga is not only about movement, its about focus, being in the moment, and tuning in to what my body is telling me.As a side note: the message I come away with is that I'm okay, just as I am, and that has been one of the biggest gifts I've received from my yoga practice. 
1. Positive over negative 24/7
2. Set goals for yourself regardless of age and health;
3. Never give up!
4. You can make a difference; love don't judge
5. A healthy mind makes for a healthy body in ways I never thought possible 
1. Comparison is the thief of joy.
2. Peace is my identity.
3. I breathe in love, peace and gratefulness and I breathe out the inability to let go of what harms my person.
4. I am worth more than what I think I look like.
5. I am stronger than I think I am.  

Yoga has taught me the following:
1. To find joy again in movement challenges (from lunge to standing 1-foot balance), 
2. To focus on relaxing points of tension (jaw, shoulders, hips), 
3. That I can get better as I get older
4. How interconnected we all are regardless of background or what appears to be different, and best of all 
5. How much pleasure I get from someone else's progress/success! And one more: there really isn't competition in the studio, just support and challenges to try the hard/fearful pose! Thanks to all the TY crew!

  1. Learning to accept that it's okay to have "me time".  It's not being selfish.
  2. Learning how to feel the peace and tranquility when you open your heart and mind to it.
  3. Yoga is a healing of the mind, soul, and body.
  4. It's always okay with everyone if you mess up--there are no real mistakes.
  5. I thought yoga was just about stretching--it's so much more (certainly not as easy as Jeanne makes it look! :)
1) I have value (this is my intention EVERY time...I struggle mightily with this)
2) I am stronger than I know
3) Jesus is closer than I thought
4) I CAN do yoga!
5) That coming to practice is vital for my emotional health.

  1. When working outdoors--squat instead of bending over. This has eliminated many of the back problems that I had by(before yoga)
  2. Count your blessings each day. Every night before I go to sleep, I think over all the things I have done that day - good and not so good. The positive stories that we receive at yoga help me to realize that small things make a big difference
  3. Balance and flexibility are so important especially the older I get. I know that yoga has improved this area of my life.
  4. Standing up straight with your core working and shoulders back. I use to have neck problems but now that I try to remember the correct way to sit and walk, most of that has gone away.
  5. Classes are never the same and I always learn something new even after 3 years. When I let Jeanne know that I have a sore or strained part of my body,  she always works in a pose that will help me.  Classes are always different and the teacher really helps you to get the pose correctly without hurting you.
I will stop at five but bottom line is that tranquility yoga has made a big difference in my life and attitude each day
1.   Breathe!  -:))
2.   Accept and believe in yourself
3.   Have faith
4.   Try your best
5.   Have fun, don't take it too seriously, let it happen!
  1. Yoga increases my concentration level
  2. Yoga has taught me to relax (still working on it)
  3. Yoga has taught me it’s okay to be me (I don’t have to be perfect, just “doing” is good enough)
  4. Yoga/you remind me of all the wonderful things I have to be thankful for.
  5. Yoga has taught me that I’m stronger than I think I am.
  6. And last but not least Yoga has taught me to breathe.
I have been so encouraged in my own practice by reading these top five or so reasons that yoga has benefited people's lives.  I will continue to add to the list in order for you to be uplifted, too!  At Tranquility Yoga in Owasso, we believe that yoga is for every body, size, age, ability or none, and range of motion.

Come and see how yoga can make these beautiful changes in your life as well.
Jeanne K


  1. I am practicing Yoga for years and from my experience I can tell it is a perfect discipline for all. Now I can control my negative feeling, anxiety and get rid of any kind of tension or disease. It is overall a physiopsychological method that totally changed my life system. Now I am working as a Yoga instructor and this profession.

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