The Land of Not Enough

Have you ever felt like you lived in the "Land of Not Enough?"
I believe that people sometimes portray that message to us either on purpose or out of their own self importance. "Not enough this and not enough that...;" where you imagine that no matter how hard you try; you just never quite measure up. When I read this excerpt from Elephant Journal today, I thought, "Yes, I am enough."

"Today in yoga, standing splits came easier on the right side.
Today in yoga, I fell out of warrior-three… several times.
Today in yoga, I skipped vinyasas and went straight to downward-facing dog.
Today in yoga, I skipped vinyasas and took child’s pose.
Today in yoga, I modified downward-dog with dolphin, when my wrist hurt.
Today in yoga, I wiped sweat off the bridge of my nose, with my pants leg.
Today in yoga, my arms felt tired and strong at the same time.
Today in yoga, I kept breathing.
Today in yoga, I transitioned from warrior-three to half-moon.
Today in yoga, I chuckled when my teacher made a joke about the lunch samples at Trader Joe’s.
Today in yoga, I breathed deeply, smiled, and sweat profusely.
Today in yoga, I was challenged.
Today in yoga, I forgot about my worries for one hour.
Today in yoga, I made it to the mat.
Today in yoga, I did what I could… and it was enough."
Let that be....ENOUGH!
I think that is why I often feel complete on my mat. I set my intention to "be enough" just for that hour. Then, when all of the other messages come through that tear at your self-worth, I still hear that quiet whisper, "You are enough." Can you let go of what others say or do today, and just believe with me that God says, "You are enough. You are loved with an everlasting love. You belong to God. You are not finished yet. Nothing can separate you from His love." You matter. You are enough. 

He is Enough.  Be still and know.  Let that be enough.


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