You Belong, He Belongs, She Belongs, We Belong...

Have you ever felt that you did not belong?  It promotes loneliness and isolation.  
There are times in all of our lives where we feel like the puzzle piece that does not fit.  But God has a perfect plan for our imperfect lives, and I believe that right now you belong exactly where you are.  You may not be there forever, but there is a purpose in every part of our lives, a lesson to learn, a greater trust to develop, a faith to adopt, a solitude to embrace.  
Here is the secret (I read it today in Brave Girls Club):
An easy way to shift our belief of not belonging is to step back and make room in the circle for others who do not feel as if they belong.....somehow when we remind others, and treat everyone in our life (even if they are only in our life for a few minutes) as if they absolutely reminds us that we belong too.

So look around at those whose hands and heads are hanging down.....and bring them into the circle of at them, SEE them for who they are, SEARCH fiercely to find the most beautiful and unique things in them that they have forgotten and point those things out to them.....and most of all, seek for things that are the same as you, and draw those things deeply into your heart and never forget them.

It’s kind of a little magic trick. When you treat her, and him, as if they belong..........somehow you will forget that you got tricked into believing that you don’t belong. You remember what you already knew.

We all belong...               
So, go today and when you feel that you do not belong, make someone else feel that he or she does belong.  You will be amazed at how much better you feel when you give the gift to others of what you are longing for yourself.  When I started Tranquility Yoga, my goal was to make it a place where everyone felt as if they belonged - rich, poor, no matter how much you weighed or what you looked like, no distinction between nationalities or the color of our skin,  you are right where you belong at Tranquility Yoga in Owasso.


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