New Beginnings, New Habits, New Mind-sets

"When we put our mind where our heart comes into focus."

I typically view January 2nd as the beginning of my new year since January 1st is usually a very busy one with hosting a free yoga practice for the community. Our empty studio becomes quite busy with new people giving us an opportunity to share the love of yoga with them, old clients return, and continuing clients enjoy an all level class on a holiday. Yesterday I loved teaching almost forty friends, and Brian said he enjoyed hearing the laughter from inside the studio.

But, today is my fresh new beginning, my new habit creation, my new mind-set revelation. I am really exhausted from the 2015 "me." I am ready for a guilt free, joy-filled start in 2016. Out with the old drama/trauma and in with a new expectancy.

Here are several firsts for me that I see as my life comes into focus:

  1. Letting go of trying to please people whose expectations are more about them than who I am.
  2. Reaching forward to learning more about myself through meditation, counseling, and quiet prayer time.
  3. Being the right weight, body appearance, appropriate size without put downs or self deprecating thoughts.
  4. Taking time each day to nourish my soul with reading good books and listening to what I really need for that moment.
  5. Refusing to allow "fear" to rule and reign any longer by choosing "love" as compassion, empathy, and self-preservation.
  6. Laughing more and crying less...frankly, I just cannot change the unchangeable.
  7. Walking more to make me feel released from the worry wheel. There is just something to say for movement by learning to let it go.
  8. Not being offensive with my language, but adding a few appropriate remarks to those control freaks who refuse to accept me as I am. I am not who I once was, nor will I ever be again. I really like myself better this way.
  9. Living each day, each hour, each minute in a healthy way without the need to stuff the anxiety filled emotions inside where my jaw tightens and my throat jams shut. I think it must be my communication chakra ready to explode.
  10. The perfect "ten" must include yoga. I am so very thankful for this tool in my virtual toolbox. It benefits me in so many ways. I am not who I used to be because yoga has taught me to be "who I am." I am peace. I am joy. I am love. I am strong. I am brave. I am beautiful. I am happy. I am...
A new list will begin here of who "I am.." no longer ruled by fear, guilt, and the expectations of others. Welcoming new beginnings, new habits, new mind-sets. Thank you, God, for the lessons of 2015; they were unbearable at times, but they are over. Welcome, 2016!


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