Can Yoga Transform Your Life? Yes, I Believe It Has Mine!

Yoga Benefits May Include the following:

The Body
  1. Builds Muscle Strength
  2. Perfects Your Posture
  3. Improves Flexibility
  4. Prevents Cartilage and Joints Breakdown
  5. Betters Your Bone Health
  6. Drains Your Lymph
  7. Boosts Immunity
  8. Increases Blood Flow
  9. Decreases Elevated Blood Pressure Levels
  10. Builds Your Heart Rate and then Slows It Down
  11. Regulates Your Adrenal Glands (Calms the SNS or Sympathetic Nervous System)
  12. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
  13. Helps You Become a More Conscious Eater - Move More; Eat Less
  14. Increases Focus and Concentration
  15. Improves Ability to Balance
  16. Induces Relaxation to Improve Sleep
  17. Encourages Pratyahara (ability to move inward for relaxation response)
  18. Gives Your Lungs More Room to Breathe
  19. Helps Balance Auto-Immune Diseases 
  20. Prevents Digestive Issues through Twisting and Calming Stress Related IBS
  21. Eases Arthritic Pain and Fibromyalgia
  22. Benefits Asthma and Improves Respiration
  23. Opens the Sinuses and Soothes to Facilitate Drainage
  24. Decreases Frequency of Headaches
  25. Improves the Quality of Life for Cancer and HIV Patients
  26. Supports Your Connective Tissue (Fascia)
  27. Increases Back Strength 
  28. Gives Energy and Vitality
  29. Improves Athletic Performance and Protects Body from
  30. Repetitive Stress Injuries
  31. Increases Body Awareness (Pro

The Mind
  1. Improves Relationships
  2. Cultivates Emotional Support
  3. Develops Greater Kindness and Compassion
  4. Helps to Find Equanimity
  5. Improves Self-Care and Confidence Levels
  6. Gives the Focus of Serving Others
  7. Encourages Truth Telling
  8. Reduces Stress
  9. Helps to Release Chronic Anger and Hostility Issues
  10. Facilitates Healing through Mantra and Chanting
  11. Focuses Mind on Well-Being and Tranquility
  12. Increases Mental Stamina
  13. Develops Coping Skills
  14. Relieves Chronic Stress Patterns
  15. Improves Positive Outlook
  16. Cultivates a Sense of Ease
  17. Shifts Your Awareness to the Sensations, Emotions, and Thoughts of
  18. Every Day Life for Discernment
  19. Reduces Feelings of Anxiety and May Help Defer a Panic Attack before Occurrence
  20. Helps to Alleviate Depression
  21. Soothes PTSD through Breath Practice and Para-Sympathetic Nervous System Response
  22. Discharges Tension as a Stress Response
  23. Helpful for Adolescents Mental Illness and Behavioral Issues
  24. Counterattacks the Ravages of Trauma Based Experiences

The Spirit
Connects with God for Peace and the Ability to Pray Without Distraction 


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