Peace in the Studio; Thank You for Silent Cell Phones in the Reception Room, Shoes Off, and Political Opinions in the Car


I remember fondly going to church with my grandparents and my father.  It was an Episcopal church, and one of my favorite parts as a child was the "peace" greeting.  I looked up how it began, and here is what I discovered.

A liturgical exchange of greeting through word and gesture. It is a sign of reconciliation, love, and renewed relationships in the Christian community.

It is initiated by the celebrant, who says, 
"The peace of the Lord be always with you." 
The people respond, "And also with you." 
The ministers and people may greet one another in the name of the Lord. Any appropriate words of greeting may be used in the exchange of peace that follows between individuals. 

The gesture of greeting has been expressed in a variety of ways, including a kiss on the cheek, an embrace, a handclasp, or a bow. The peace is also known as the kiss of peace and the Pax (from the Latin, "peace").
​ ​

I don't always "feel" peaceful, and neither do you.  However, one big lesson I have learned from my training in yoga and in meditation is that we embrace it before it shows up. Thus our mantras and meditations always become positive self-affirmations.  Frequently, I end our classes with "May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be safe, and may you be at peace."  It is called the loving-kindness or metta meditation and has a long history in yoga, similar to the greeting in the Episcopal church and other places of worship.  

We must practice this peace.  It does not come naturally.  Our yoga studio is a place of such peace, harmony, kindness, and compassion.  So, I am asking a BIG favor this week as we come together for just this one blessing...peace to you and peace to me.  Please leave your cell phones on silent, your shoes in the reception room, and your political opinions, gladness or unhappiness with the outcome in your car. 

Let's practice "The peace of God" with one another.  Tranquility Yoga is a place of serenity and rest.  Thank you for your understanding that while we are all different, we embrace the peace and light within each other.  OM shanti, shanti, shanti...peace, peace, peace.


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