Mercy Comes from Mindfulness

God uses mercy, humility, and kindness to teach us to live from our hearts instead of just our ego-centric thoughts.  Whatever you are currently going through, this opportunity is for growth.  Change the way you look at "failure," and you will change the way you see your life.  You live in a body, earth suit, you have a fluctuating soul, mind, emotions, and you will always be a spirit.
Relationship issues involve two parts.  Your part and someone else's part.  You can only "grow" in mercy, humility, and kindness on your end.  The other person must also grow for healing to take place.
Let go of the past, the mistakes, the drama, the sadness, and embrace the people that you are traveling with...sometimes someone steps off the train of life unexpectedly, and you do not have the opportunity to make things right between you.
Peace is the most important thing, not who was right and who was wrong.


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