Happiness and Yoga Teaching

Some days, I feel confident that I was successful.
Some days, I feel questionable about whether my theme or my cues or my assists or my meditation or my breath work or my sequencing worked.
"May I be kind to myself in this moment."

After teaching yoga for over 12 years now and owning a yoga studio for 10 years, I usually teach around 25 to 30 classes each week.  Today is my first official day off.  Yes, I am being kind to myself in this moment.  Someone asked me what I had planned for my first Sunday off...
I said, "Yoga."  They all looked at me in wonder and someone else said, "Why in the world would you practice yoga when you have the day off?"

Because I love it.  I know it works.  My body feels healthy.  I don't criticize and compare myself to others when I am on my mat.  In fact I feel like Wonder Woman.
So, I am not sure how you feel on your mat, but I would love for you to join me and practice alongside on my first official day off without being at a training or attending a sick family member or traveling with my husband.  

I have the day off.

No wonder, Woman...you must truly love yoga.

Yes, indeed I do.


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