80%/100% Weight Loss Group Meets on Thursdays

Many people begin the new year with a resolution to lose weight. Oftentimes, it may mean joining a weight loss group for inspiration and accountability. I remember a time when I was very overweight and longed to just fit into a normal size. The goal seemed impossible as I began each day on a diet and finished it feeling badly about myself because I had blown my new plan once again.

Due to being overweight in the past, I have empathy and a desire to help people who struggle with weight loss whether it be 5, 10, or 50 pounds. I began losing weight back in the late 90's and have kept it off successfully through yoga and mindful eating. Tranquility Yoga has a regular class on Thursday afternoons for weight loss, and now we are adding a meeting right after class for free to those who want to join our 80%/100% group.

The Japanese have a great expression concerning healthy eating habits: Hara hachi bu. Hara hachi bu means “Eat until 80% full” (literally, stomach 80%). This is excellent advice and it’s pretty easy to follow this principle in Japan as proportions are generally much smaller than in places like the US. One of the ideas is to avoid shoveling food in and encourages eating at a bit of a slower pace. This principle does not encourage wastefulness; it does not necessarily mean to leave 20% of your meal on the plate, but instead take smaller portions. I have found — ironically perhaps — that if I stop eating before getting full I am more satisfied with the meal, I’m not sleepy after lunch or dinner, and I just generally feel much better without a feeling of being over-full and bloated.

The 100% part of the equation is while we are only eating four-fifths the amount we normally consume, we add exercise of some form to our day 100% of the time. This may include walking, yoga, Pilates, an exercise show on T.V., or some type of continual movement each day for at least thirty minutes. Movement makes you feel more flexible, helps with arthritic pain, and keeps your heart healthy.

Journaling will be part of our weight loss equation as it was what helped me lose my weight and keep it off. Many people overeat due to stress, nervousness, or boredom. By writing down our feelings and keeping track of what we eat and how we exercise, accountability pays off by keeping us honest with ourselves. I enjoy writing down quotations from the Bible or prayers along with my journaling time.

80% full and 100% movement may make the difference you have been looking for in your weight loss resolution. Please feel free to e-mail me or phone me for more information. Consider the quotes by Tony Robbins, "I've come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy." and "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten."

Remember the banana factory!
Jeanne Kay


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