I CAN Manipura Chakra - Chakracize with us #3 in a series

Third Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)
“I CAN!” is the theme of this chakra balancing.
I can overcome fear. I can overcome guilt. I can overcome negative self-talk. I can overcome doubt and mistrust. I can overcome defeat. I can overcome! One of my favorite Bible verses goes with the “I CAN” message. “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.”

People who have blockages in the third chakra often are prey to insecurity and may suffer from a lack of life energy. Worry may sap that energy from us. Weakness in this chakra area has a detrimental effect like none other. A weak Manipura chakra will hinder the development of all the other chakras due to insecurity on one end and defiance of authority on the opposite side. The protection of our self and things identifies with our physical nature or ego make up the bottom half of the lower three chakras (base or root chakra, creative or sacral chakra, and the navel or solar plexus chakra).

Blockages can lead to different symptoms. Some of these symptoms may reflect as the following:
• Eating disorders
• Insomnia
• Nightmares (such as being chased or killed, being sick or unable to move, and a sudden transition from deep sleep to anxious awakening)
• Self-pity
• Jealousy

Developing healthy self-esteem and awareness have their foundation in the strength of the solar plexus chakra. People who exhibit a balance and strength in this area are the type of personalities who act from their will power and self-control as they strive to pursue their goals. They also exhibit sensitivity towards those around them. As leaders, they make the most of their professions and exhibit great influence on the people around them. We often recognize people who have a strong navel chakra by their spontaneity and ability to follow their gut instincts as they enjoy merriment and laughter.

The element of this chakra is fire, and the color is a yellow gold. In Sanskrit the navel chakra is the Manipura which translates as shining jewels or place of jewels (rich in energy). As a shining jewel similar to the sun, this area sheds its radiance through the entire body enriching all areas with the prana or universal life energy. On the body the Manipura chakra is located between the sternum and above the navel, and its energetic life force is towards the stomach, small intestine, and liver. It regulates the digestive system and autonomic nervous system.

Yoga Postures for the Navel Chakra include a warm-up with the following sequence of poses:
1. Cat/Cow – Marjaryasana/Bitilasana
2. Spinal Balance pose with the variation of opposite elbow to opposite knee abdominal crunch and/or adding in “crazy airplane” with extended hand coming to a 90 degree angle to the body and opposite flexed foot coming to the opposite side
3. Abdominal lifts with pelvic tilts in Bridge or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
4. Wind relieving pose – Pavanamuktasana
5. Easy Seated Pose or Sukhasana – pranayama practice

• Sitting in a comfortable position with eyes closed
• Gently place left palm over the center of your stomach and right hand over the left
• Relax and breathe in and out through your nose
• Focus your whole attention on your manipura or navel chakra area between the breast bone and navel
• Seek to identify this will of energy as you visualize a bright yellow ball of energy
• Inhale as you take it in; exhale as you allow it to distribute through the solar plexus region and out to the ends of your body
• Starting off at an inhalation of the count of four; exhalation of four
• Inhale to four, adding a pause at the top, and exhale to a count of five
• Continue in this breathing pattern with the inhalation of four, but begin to lengthen the pause to four counts, along with lengthening the exhale to eight counts
• Positive affirmations include the following:
1. I let my feelings run freely, and I trust my spontaneous decisions.
2. I use my inner strength to make the world a better place.
3. Through the power of my will, I can reach my goal.
4. I can _______________________________ as you finish the sentence making it appropriate to your own situation.
Sun Salute A and B – Surya Namaskar I and II
Warrior III – Virabhadrasana III
Extended leg with hands under the thigh – variation of Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana
Modified Side Plank - Ardha Vasisthasana adding in leg lift perpendicular to the floor
Vasistasana with upper leg lifted
Warrior I and II – Virabhadrasana I and II moving to Trikonasana or Triangle
Moving to floor for variations of Navasana or Boat pose with Breath of Fire
Tabletop (often called “crab”) pose - Ardha Purvottanasana with Breath of Fire
Prone position for Extended Locust Pose – Ardha Salambhasana
Half Frog pose with front arm at a parallel position with the top of the mat – Ardha Bhekasana
Bow Pose – Dhanurasana
Child’s Pose - Balasana
Seated position for twisting position of Ardha Matsyendrasana
Supine position for modified Stomach Twist using Windshield Wiper Knees and full Supine Twist – Jathara Parivartanasana


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