Christmas coupon for printing (expires 12/24/12)

Christmas Coupon for printing

Gift Certificate for you as my Christmas Surprise!  Pay $15 and come for fifteen classes in five days or come for three classes in five days; just remember getting on your mat is the hardest part!  Bring coupon with you to class.

Christmas Coupon - 

Pay $15.00 for 5 Days of Classes

Pick 5 consecutive days in December 

from December 1 - December 24, 

2012, for $15.00.  

No punch card needed for these classes.  

Just use your coupon.  

New and seasoned members welcome.

Date ___________ - Date _____________ (Good for 5 days of classes only; M-F, T-S, W-Su, Th-M, F-T, S-W, Su-Th.)

Bring this coupon in to redeem it!  Expires 12/24/12 No transfers or refunds; cash or check only.  Unlimited packages, workshops, and double punches for visitors do not apply.  No exceptions allowed.


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