Facts about Our Facility, Tranquility Yoga Studio in Owasso LLC

Our mission at Tranquility Yoga Studio in Owasso LLC is to serve you.  

Did you know the following facts about our facility?
  • While our location is different than others, we still have a workout room for you and a friend to lift free weights, use the treadmill, ride the stationary bike, or meditate.  
  • We also have a wonderful hot tub that Brian keeps very clean and is available before or after a class. 
  • Plans to build on to the present studio by adding another classroom are in the works and have been already included in a financing visit to the bank.
  • Meditation classes are available twice a week.
  • Power Yoga is available five days a week. 
  • Chair Yoga is open once a week with one more class forming soon. 
  • Practices just for beginners are available every day of the week and weekend.
  • Vinyasa Flow for class practice is available every day of the week. 
  • Workshops are optional on the weekends.
  • Family Yoga is here for you and your children ages 10 and up on Sunday afternoon.
  • Kids' Yoga is held every summer. 
  • A personal trainer is on staff for private lessons.  
  • Plus, we have a coffee/hot tea bar on Saturday mornings between the 7:30 and 9 a.m. classes.  
  • When the weather is warmer, we will have our potluck cookout dinners on Friday evenings again.
  • We can practice outside at one of three yoga patios if the weather is warmer than 75 degrees.
  • Each class or facility use can be $10.00, or you can purchase a package of classes. 
  • 6 classes in one month for $45.00, 
  • 20 classes in 6 months for $110.00,
  • $80 Unlimited for one month (auto renews on the following month), and 
  • $432.00 Unlimited for six months. 
  • Three teachers to serve you!  Jeanne K. Doss, owner/instructor, Micah Davis, instructor, and Debbie Seals, instructor.  Alyssa Worth will be our next instructor coming on board (probably this summer or fall).

We all believe that you are valuable and unique while striving to offer you the very best quality as possible.


  1. Nice and impressive facility and features. Just similar facilities and amenities of my yoga classes in Scranton PA.

  2. Thanks, Carol! If I am ever in Scranton, PA, I will come to visit your studio.


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