Who's Got the Time?

Are you stressed?  Do you sometimes have days where you don't drink enough water?  How are you sleeping?  What is your organic vegetables and fresh fruit intake look like?  Would you consider yourself - very active physically, somewhat, or have a sedentary lifestyle?  If you do exercise, compare your stretch time to your cardio time.  How is that working for you?

If you struggle with one or more of the above indicators, your myo-fascial lines will feel like and look like "GLUE."   Yes, you know the kind we used in elementary school -- pasty, white, and sticky.  Here is what is so interesting about this anatomical information.  It will affect everything you do.  Every move you make.  Every breath you breathe.  Every waking hour.  Even your sleep quality.

I know.  I have heard it so many times.  You don't have the time to exercise, do yoga, and stretch properly for the length of time it takes to create a difference.  John, in class yesterday, sarcastically said, "Who's Got the Time?"  I thought, "Who wants the discomfort, the repetitive stress injury, the achy joints (even synovial fluid has this same collagen that makes up your fascia), the aches, and the pains?"

If the fascia system does not motivate you to get on your mat, look how the rest of your body is affected by stress, too much work, too little exercise, too little sleep, too little water intake, and not eating right.

Even if I was not passionate about exercise and yoga, yesterday's anatomy class would have convinced me that we are intricately connected.  Without taking care of us, we are a clock ticking off the time for disaster. My friend, De, used to ask me when I was her principal, and she was one of my teachers, "Just give me the bottom line."

Here it is.  Make your living count by taking care of yourself.  You are not doing anyone any favors by neglecting your time on the mat.  Time spent in yoga practice is well worth it and should not be compromised.  If you make an appointment with your yoga class and it is important enough, you will show up.  After all, the hardest part is always going to be SHOWING UP!


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