Success in Yoga Is Not Talent as It Is Perseverance

 Padma Matsyendrasana - Lotus Fish
If I would have followed my natural inclinations, I never would have gotten past CatCow pose sequence in yoga. Today after long hours of Pranayama (yes, it really does work), Meditation, and Pratapana (warm ups), I practiced Full Lotus Fish Pose. I was amazed, with once swollen knees from meniscus tears, this posture was not even imaginable for me. But, I did it!
Perseverance + patience + very thorough instructions + a climate of no fear or feeling insecure, and it just happened! I am still amazed and have one full week to see how my body responds to this healthy climate. I was concerned I would wake up this morning and have swollen or hurting knees. No, I feel great. I can see that the prana (life energy) practice really makes a difference in the body response after twelve hours of hard work.
Pressing forward today with a joyful expectation of learning and trying postures that were once un-fathomable. It just helps me see once again, that there is some talent to yoga, but I have none. I just start each day with a "beginner's mind," and see what unfolds. Once again success begins with the word, "TRY."
Whether, you are a brand new beginner or a seasoned beginner or even consider yourself advanced or a teacher, the secret to success is showing up on the mat time after time, day after day, with a willing heart and no fear. Namaste'


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