Trip to Massachusetts for Pranayama and Asana - Advanced Training; Being Authentic

I believe that walking in your truth or being authentic is a valuable part of who I am.  Today is my day of travel to the northeast for training.  Part of me is excited for this new journey, and yet, another part of me realizes the rigors of self-discipline, living in a dorm like setting, and taking a vow of silence each day.  I am always a little anxious as I fly and practice my breathing techniques along with meditation while traveling through the air.
Yoga has given me so many valuable tools in my toolbox to handle anxiety, dress rehearsals for fear stories, and actual trauma.  The breath training, pranayama, is one of its best accessories!  I am looking forward to the long hours of teaching in advanced pranayama just for this reason.  I know it will help me benefit others by being truthful about how to deal with worry or fear.
Yesterday evening as I was teaching my last class I thought to myself how wonderful it is to be able to crawl along the floor, get up and down with ease, and have a healthy body.  The yoga postures or asanas keep me in shape and out of typical "grandma hood" behavior.  Yes, there are days that I struggle with stiffness and even arthritis, but the effort to keep moving has been a lifesaver.  When I began yoga back in 1995, my knees were very painful, and I struggled with daily hives due to frazzled nerves.  Now, my body is flexible and strong.  Balance is sometimes a struggle whether I am inverting or standing on both feet; however, I know that my practice is evolving, and my goal is to become better and better every day.
So, Kripalu, here I come!  Advanced classes, pranayama training, and difficult asanas ahead!  Softening into gratitude for how far I have come and finding joy in each part of the journey, I am fulfilling my dharma one right step at a time.


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