Still teaching like "My Hair Is on Fire"

Dolores wrote to me.  She said, "Thank you for making a difference in my life."  I am so proud of her for starting at Tranquility for classes in yoga back in 2011 and now pursuing her dreams.  Dolores said that she had saved all my emails, and here is an excerpt from one of them.  
It makes me happy to know that we are a SMALL studio with a BIG dream to make a SIGNIFICANT difference in the lives of the people we touch and teach.  One of the lovely ladies in one of the six classes I taught yesterday asked me at the end of class, "Are all yoga studios like this one?"  I said, "No, sometimes you can go and leave still remaining invisible due to age, size, or ability level."  I did for several years, and that is why Tranquility is different.  I stand at the door to greet you, endeavor to make you more comfortable, study like "crazy" before class to make it interesting and different, stand at the door as you leave to thank you for coming.  You are the important one.  I am just the facilitator of yoga.  The true teacher lives inside you.  Thank you, D, for sharing that something I said or did years ago is still encouraging you to keep on the path.  Namaste'
Below is the excerpt from a past newsletter that she had saved and re-sent to
thank me.
Rafe Esquith wrote a book about teaching children called, Teach Like Your Hair Is On Fire.  I loved it.  Some of my colleagues did not, but I was inspired.  Then, today, I saw this quote...

 "Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire."  ~Arnold H. Glasow

It reminded me of my passion for teaching and learning.
When I went to the yoga workshop last weekend, I was inspired once again.  There were many new ideas presented, but the one that affected me the most was the the "x" axis and "y" axis of skills and goals.
It is so true, and I see it often in yoga, education, and every day life.  
When your goals are high, but your skills are low - fear and anxiety are present.  Think handstands in the middle of the room...
When your skills are high, but your goals are low - boredom is evident.  Think of the last time you yawned in class.
The great news is that when your goals match your skills, "flow" occurs.  
Flow is what I call teaching or learning like your hair is on fire.  We all work to achieve it.  It is that awesome feeling when you know that you are finally achieving what you are attempting.  Charles MacInerney, our workshop leader, said that skills multiply when you are in the "flow" between goals and skills.  I see it in the eyes of children when they finally have that moment of "Aha!" learning in math, language, and reading.  I see it in the smile of people in my yoga classes when they finally nail that balancing pose or can breathe and relax in Triangle or Extended Side Angle or even Pigeon.  (:
It is worth all the hours of study, all the preparation, all the cleaning, all the reading, all the internet research, the prayer, and all the workshops I attend.  It is what motivates me to "teach like my hair's on fire."  Thank you for the smiles, the breath, and even the yawns because they are all part of my dream of sharing the love of yoga and the passion of fitness with the people that I have come to care about and know.
I will keep teaching like my hair is on fire, and I hope you will keep coming and getting inspired to breathe, be fit, and feel great. 


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