Real and Loved vs. Perfect and Admired

Don't Tell
In our pursuit of being admired, we often just go after perfect...
perfection is only a mirage, but it is also the cause of much pain and suffering.  
Don't Tell what is really going on; just pretend that everything is "fine."
Don't Tell that your someone abuses you, just try to stay away from her/him as often as possible because home is not always a safe place.
Don't Tell that you feel lonely and afraid or depressed; just smile because no one really wants to peel back the layer of pretense.
Don't Tell that you feel that skinny is good and fat is bad; you, therefore, must be bad.
Don't Tell that you struggle with thoughts of anger, sadness, anxiety, worry, dread, insecurity, or even death because someone else might see the "real" you and be glad it isn't their problem.
Don't Tell that you "feel" things or are too sensitive because we are all just showing up and off to make others think we are as good or better than others.
Don't Tell your weaknesses; even though you imagine that they are like a big red bull's eye - it is more convenient to be thought well of and spoken highly.
Just Don't Tell.
Don't Tell.
Until finally, the telling leaks out, your secrets are revealed, and you feel vulnerable and afraid.  Shame and blame eat at your every thought, and you scold yourself in order to retreat back into the world of silence.
Just lie.  Numbing the pain.  Pretending again to be perfect in order to be admired.  Be nice.  Be appropriate.  
Be "fine."
Don't Tell.
But, what if someone else might be helped by your truth?


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