Why Cycle? I used to hate it.

I used to hate spinning classes.
There I have said it.
The music was too loud.
The mirrors were too accusing.
The competitive spirit was too much.
The microphones were scratchy and irritating.
Now I love spin class because we do yoga afterwards and final relaxation.
I love the music because it is different and just the right volume that allows conversation and friendship to blossom.
I love the windows we look out of onto the big back yard with horses in neighboring yards to look at, the dogs playing tug of war, and the beautiful green grass.
I love the fact that mirrors are only in the restroom and hallway.  I am not critiquing my appearance.
I love the fact that there is no microphone.  I love the fact that I am pushing myself into cardio then stretching and relaxing afterwards.
I love spinning class.  I enjoy the sweating and cardio.  I don't even mind the saddle any more.  Picture from the bike.
Loves yoga and loves to spin.


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